Belonging to SECA is like belonging to a big, loving family, where hugging and making our members feel at home, is a way of life. SECA clowns care about each other and do their best to help new and old members alike to become better clowns. At 400 plus, our membership continues to grow every year.

By joining SECA you will receive:

  • The Giggle Gazette – a quarterly newsletter
  • Full voting rights at the annual meetin
  • A personal membership card that tells the world that you are part of the SECA family of clowns
  • An annual convention that rivals the national and international clown conventions in quality of lecturers, competition, dealers and just plain fun
  • Warm fellowship with some of America’s finest clowns

So, mail in your application and check to:

SECA c/o Dianna “Lil’ Smidgen” Hale
1013 Way Thru The Woods
Decatur, AL 35603


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