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  1. The Adventures of Princess Jellibean is a story about faith, hope, and Love. Princess Jellibean took the courage to explore the outside world to see many different colors that she only read in books. She had faith that can move mountains and she finally did explore the outside world carrying her hopeful heart to see beauty. She found out that love is out there too, even though she had to leave her parents to explore the wondrous and vivid colors of a beautiful world. Good memories will never be erased and she will carry them even when she sleeps until the next day when she wakes up and ready to explore the world again. The book is inspired with a pure heart and mind.

  2. My JJ n I love reading this book. She is just learning to read. Her excitment reading each time gets me. I love her enjoying reading

  3. My neice loves it. Can’t wait for more in the series

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