Pokemon Go Plus

The Pokémon Go Plus is a Bluetooth device that connects to the game on your smartphone, it is very easy to set up.  To setup you do not even go into your smartphone settings, you go into the game settings and add it there.  Whenever you close the game and go back in you have to reconnect the device but you can do it from the main screen in the game and not have to go into the settings again, there is a greyed out plus on the right-hand side that you tap on and then press the button on the device and it connects back to the game and you can continue to play.

The button turns green for any Pokémon around you and when you press the button on the device then it flashes for the 3 times to try and catch the Pokémon if the Pokémon was caught it will flash three different colors and vibrate.  If you didn’t’ catch the Pokémon, then the button will flash red.  If the Pokémon is new to you then the button will turn yellow, for a poke stop and gym it will be blue, and you got the stop it will be same as you caught a pokemon and red if you didn’t get the stop. If you are in the game an indicator above the pokemon that it wants you to catch shows up, and above the poke stop and gyms.  My vision is a little low it helps me to be able to see the pokemon or the stop that I am at.

The plus has some good things about it and not so good things.  First the bad, it doesn’t catch everything you click the button on, and I wouldn’t expect it too, just when you are visually impaired you hope it would catch more than usual.  Some days it feels like it is catching almost everything out there and some days it feels le it couldn’t catch anything all. The other thing is that you need to have plenty of the red poke balls because that is all that the device uses, not sure if they are changing that but not so far. You won’t receive any nice throw bonus or any others like that, not curveballs or great or excellent throws either.  I am alright with most of those but the discounting is a pain in the tush, you are sitting there wondering why you haven’t felt any vibrations of Pokémon or stops you begin to wonder what’s wrong when you see a greyed out plus on the screen, DISCONNECTED AGAIN! Sometimes there is no rhyme or rhythm for it, I can understand when traveling and you haven’t seen anything for hours or you are going to fast to catch or collect items, I can understand that disconnecting, but when you just caught something and 5 seconds later you are disconnected, I can’t understand that. Every once in a while, I will see a battery indicator on the plus on screen showing my battery in the red, but it is very small and I have to zoom into my screen to see it.  The disconnection doesn’t only happen when the battery is low, I can have a brand-new battery and it will disconnect like that too, very odd. 

The things I like about it is I can play with my screen locked, and I can play when it is very bright outside and I can’t see. I also like the fact if you are where a stop or gym is you can continue to get that stop every time it comes available to get items.  I also like that I get any and almost every pokemon that is out there, I hear some say that the CP isn’t high enough I don’t want you, but I like catching everything, so I get lots of candy to evolve and level up faster.  I also like that if get research to make so many great throws I can use the indicator that shows up to find the Pokémon to try and catch it manual to get the research taken care of. 

I would recommend this to anyone that has vision issues, because it is not perfect but it does help to catch and play the game.  If you get one make sure you get lots of batteries, it does use them up.

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