sugru-3-350x216Online when you search fro Sugru it calls it Sugru Glue or Sugru Moldable Glue, which I don’t feel that his is glue, although it does or can be used to glue things together. I have used it for charging cables so they wont become frayed and added a magnet to it so i can attach it to some metal so I would always know where i keep the charge cable, but the magnets have fallen out, so not sure how good it is for that, but it may have been the magnet being too smooth, i don’t know for sure.  I do know I love using this stuff for different things around the hose.  i do feel this stuff is a little expensive for such a small amount of it, but it works so well.  Like I said before i use for my charging cables, also on some cups to give a better grip for my hands.  I have also molded strange things and let it harden because it is just neat that it is like putty and then it hardens like rubber.  I like that you can get multicolor or just black or just white, because you never know what you cro_home_appliance_sugru_opener_032715color you might need.  I have also taken some hard drive magnets and put some Sugru on and made it to where it can hold things with them on our metal door or whatever metal i want to put it on, and it sure does stick to those magnets.  If you need to put some rubber any where to help grip or you just want to play with some it comes in handy where ever you can think on using it.  I also found that storing it in the refrigerator helps keep it longer than just in a room, a little tip i found that could help.  I forgot about my sunglasses. I wear over glasses, sunglasses and I have worn them for years now because I have not found any that fit better, and the arm of them are rubber like and since I have worn them so long the metal rod was sticking out and poking me in the ear because it had a point on it. The sunglasses are black, so I took some red Sugru to put over it and mimic the other side so it would look uniformed and it has not poked me since and they look good with some red on them.

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