Pokemon Go

This is a game from the pokemon cards and show, and at first, it took some getting use too. you pick the team you want too play for and catch a pokemon that you want to have as your first pokemon. This game is pretty fun, you turn it on your smartphone when you are at home and walk around your neighborhood or when you leave your house is what we do. as we walk around different pokemon come up around us and we tap on them and then we try to catch them with balls that we have or get from poke stops or poke gyms. when trying to catch you can do it 2 ways, one is in the real world, the pokemon will appear somewhere where ever you are at and you try to catch them. Or you can turn off real life and catch in a fantasy world.

i will be adding some screen shots of the game but for a person that is visually impred it is tough to see things on this game specially when the sun is out, some of the poke stops are tough to see in some areas because it is too close to the gound color and makes it dificult . when you play after it gets dark the screen goes into a dark mode and it makes everything VERY easy to see. I wish they would add the dark mode switch so someone that has vision issues or with colors can change the screen to be dark mode so it would be easier. It is not like that but I still enjoy playing it, even though some of the pokemon are hard to see as well. I play everytime we leave the house . The one thing that makes it a little easier to play is the Pokemon Go Plus, which I am writing a seperate review for after I finish this one about pokemon go. The Plus is a bluetooth device that lets you keep playing pokemon with the screen locked or if you have it running in background. The quick info for it is that the button lights up if a pokemon is near and you clickbutton and you catch it or don’t. It also lights up and vibrates for pokemone, stops, and gyms, so you can catch, or get a turn on a stop or gym. It makes it a little easier for the low vision because it places an orange indicator above the pokemon, stop or gym to let you know what it has found. and you an catch it manually or press button to have the plus catch it.

Plus on
Plus off

This game is fun and you can level up after so many xp points you get to build up as you play the game. You also can have friends that can send you gifts and thos gifts give you more items in your items bag or more stardust. the stardust is used for tradding pokemon or powering them up to mae them stronger, i guesss. Since I am not a big time player just a caustual player I don’t know all the specifics about hit point and defense and all the other stuff about the game. I just play and have fun with playing and even though sometimes I cant see everything on my screen the plus helps and I am having fun playing.

I do recomend this game if you vision allows, it is fun and it is fun with friend or family, and if you want to ad my friend code on the game it is: 1910 9375 0758

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