iPad Pro 9.7

After the iPad Air 2 was paid for, for a good long time, ok months, I decided I want to get the iPad Pro. I went to AT&T site and went looking up how much a month would be for the iPad Pro 12 inch. Well, I couldn’t find 12 inches the only one they had was the 9.7 version. Since it was the same size as the iPad Air 2, I thought it would be alright. I can use all my cases and keyboards with it, and they did fit but didn’t the right cut outs for the light for the camera or the speakers. I used what I had until I can get something that fits right.

Enough about that stuff, on to the device. The iPad Pro 9.7 is a very well built device, I do like the stereo sound when watching Youtube, U-Verse and Plex. I wish it was stereo when on FaceTime, but since other devices aren’t stereo I guess it couldn’t be stereo. The processor is quite quick and responsive, the games I play and the writing I do, and the many other things too, is very easy and speedy. I also enjoy the speediness of using the dual multitasking windows.

Visually, the iPad Pro 9.7 is a lot like the iPad Air 2, so no big change there, except better cameras.

The battery seems to last a long time and takes a long time to charge to 100%. I use mine a lot so it needs a charge every coup,e of days but I’m on it more than my computer, so it gets used a lot. I also have not used the magnet on the side of iPad Pro. I think t is for charging and keyboards but I have not had anything to use it, so it’s not something I use right now. I might later but who knows.
In my opinion, it is a buy, because it’s not much different from an iPad Air 2, so if you want to save some money get the iPad Air 2. Unless you want a good fast working iPad then get the Pro.

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