Honda 2000i

I do not own one of these, but I did get to use one for about 24 hours before our power came on.  I liked this because it gave us power for some medical device that we sleep with, and when the power goes out and we need to sleep this worked very well.  I liked it for that reason but I did not like it for the following reasons.  I wish it had a bigger gas tank so it doesn’t stop at 5 am because it ran out of gas.  The instructions said that you shouldn’t get it wet and keep out of rain, well if power went out because of hurricane how would you be able to use if it is still raining, I know it is producing electricity but what do you do, because you don’t use it in your house it has to stay outside.  I just thought that was a pain.  However I am very pleased that we were about to have one rented to be able to use for one night.  I would love to purchase one but having the $999.00 price tag puts it out of my range to purchase.  I hope that it changes so we could have some generator to use if this ever happens again, so we wont have to rent one if we ever have a power outage.  Maybe I can find one that can be in the rain or maybe get some type of cover so it can be used during a rain storm.  I was very thankful for this generator and think if you are able to get one it would be nice to have.eu200ispanel

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  1. According to the Honda EU20 Owner’s Manual, the carburetor needs to be modified by an approved Honda service center in order to properly operate for prolonged periods at altitudes above 5,000 feet.

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