Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil, well if you have an iPad Pro you need the Apple Pencil. They were made for each other. We got a tax refund and my wife and I decided to splurge a little, so I got to get the Apple Pencil. First of all, it feels like a solid piece and sturdy. When I was researching about it I kept seeing tips for sale for it. I wasn’t sure why do I found out the tip can wear down. Although it has not had to change mine I don’t use it every day either.

This pencil to me is better than any styles out there, but I have not tried a Bluetooth one other than the Apple Pencil. Yes, it is expensive for a stylus that only works on the iPad Pro lines but if you like to draw, color, or sign documents, it might be something you might want to get. I like to doodle, but the coloring apps are really fun too. We recently found out that signing documents is nice and handy with the Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro. We don’t have to print it out then scan it in again. We get a document to sign it then sends it back, much easier than before.

Charging the pencil is easy but strange, you plug it into the lightning plug of the iPad Pro. It is best to make sure your battery on the iPad Pro is charged up enough to charge the Apple Pencil. The good thing is that it charges quick and last for a couple of months for me but if you use it every day it might not.

The only big issue I have besides price is the cap for the lightning plug. I am worried every time I charge it that I will loose it. It is too small, and nothing keeps it together so you won’t loose it, you just have to be careful.

It is tough to say buy this because it can only be used on the iPad Pro if they change that later than maybe buy but right now I say it is too expensive unless you have the money and just want it very badly. LOL

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