160 LED Studio Video Light

We use to make videos, I wont go into the videos we made, they were fun but became more work than we wanted to do.  We decided to stop, because we wanted to bring happiness into the word, and the internet had a different plan.29ed292602f5 Enough of that rant, we bought these for the videoing because they are smaller than the big videoing lights we had and had big stands and wires for power that took up a lot of space we didn’t have.  We bought these little lights that use 6 batteries, and you can buy an adapter so you can plug into the wall. There are 160 leds in them but the worked well for videoing and taking pictures.  We liked them so much we bought 3 of them. I found them on ebay for $20 each, and really like them.

I have had them for a couple of years now and didn’t think about blogging about them until this past week. I have always used them for other things, because I have such low vision, I have called these my flash light, because I use them to go out at night and to find things in dark areas around the house. Regular lights help others with normal site, but for me a very bright light helps more than any normal flash light can do for me. The reason I am writing about these lights is because Oct. 7 2016 Hurricane Matthew came through and took out our power, so these are the only lights we had for about 5 or 6 days.  The batteries lasted for hours, I have not measured the hours straight they stay on, but it was more than 5 hours straight, and it does get dimmer the longer you use them, because the batteries do loose their charge.  I wanted to let anyone know that has low vision or if you just want a VERY bright light to use for videos or pictures or as a flashlight.  This light will be perfect for that. I forgot 41lv0elvt6l-_sy300_to say that these light do have a screw hole so you can mount to a tripod, monopod, or anything like that.  There are So many uses for these that I am sure others can find out about these that I have not, but I enjoy these light and recommend to anyone to purchase these lights.   These led lights are a diffinate buy, but you can find them on ebay for a little cheaper cost.

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